- Daddy's Girl
Daddy's Girl
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Daddy's Girl

A twisted suspense thriller about a manipulative teenage girl who convinces her widower/alcoholic/over protective father that the boy she asked out on a date beat and raped her, when in fact he turned down her advances. But no amount of facts can persuade this enraged father. No one hurts Daddy's Girl.

Director : Chris R. Notarile

Stars : Lindsey Bean, Roberto Lombardi, Andrea-Nichole Olivas, Ali Stover, Christian Chase

Production Co : Blinky Productions

Duration : 90 min.

Release : 2017-06-15

Genre : Drama, Thriller

Country : United States of America


Mamie Drake

this was really the best movie i've ever seen!

Erica Stevenson

did u ever read the instructions ???

Esther Burton


Mary Mcgee

How do I watch it ?????

Craig Knight

Bhoooo .. I do not like it at all

Virgil Gonzales

As always thank you, you guys are the best and the movie was great, perfect!