- The Married Woman
The Married Woman
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The Married Woman

A superficial woman has conflict between choosing her abusive husband and her vain lover.

Director : Jean-Luc Godard

Stars : Macha Méril, Bernard Noël, Philippe Leroy, Christophe Bourseiller, Roger Leenhardt, Margareth Clémenti

Production Co : Orsay Films, Anouchka Films

Duration : 95 min.

Release : 1964-12-04

Genre : Drama, Romance

Country : France


Mary Mcgee

This is a movie which you dare not miss, because if you miss this one you are never going to see another. Be prepared for one last lovely beautiful and thrilling ride ahead of you, that's well worth your time and memories.

Mamie Drake

this was really the best movie i've ever seen!

Lynn Goodwin

did u ever read the instructions ???

Erica Stevenson

That is great to finally see on the big screen. I don't want to spoil anything in particular but this is a film that everyone should give a chance